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Financial Inclusion

Mathabhanga, June 19 4:PM

Financial Inclusion Financial inclusion means that individuals and businesses have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs transactions, payments, savings, credit and insurance delivered in a responsible and sustainable way. Financial inclusion has been identified as an enabler for 7 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The G20 committed to advance financial inclusion worldwide and reaffirmed its commitment to implement the G20 High-Level Principles for Digital Financial Inclusion. The World Bank Group considers financial inclusion a key enabler to reduce extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity.

Health and gender equality

Mathabhanga, June 19 4:PM

Gender equality is becoming one of the most important objectives and talking points in any industry. Serious questions are being raised about role diversity, wage equality, and more. The healthcare industry is no different. With the massive demand over the next decade for qualified professionals, more individuals are interested in pursuing a career in the health care industry and want a better understanding of where the industry stands when it comes to opportunity and gender equality. We at HospitalCareers believe in providing job seekers and healthcare professionals with the tools they need to make informed career choices, learn more about their future healthcare career, and understand where opportunities to improve the industry might be. We've gathered some of the most comprehensive reports and resources to create an industry report and infographic on gender equality in the healthcare industry. The infographic below highlights all of the important information that we cover belo

Youth and Women Empowerment, entrepreneurship and skills development

Mathabhanga, June 19 4:PM

Youth and Women Empowerment, entrepreneurship and skills development This brief examines the impediments to skills upgrading in the informal economy: ranging from lack of policy coherence at the macro level, institutional weaknesses in training providers at the meso level through to inappropriate and inflexible delivery at the micro level. It highlights a range of policy innovations from around the world which have opened up entry points for integration with the mainstream economy. These include strengthening the capacity of existing service providers to reach the informal economy; recognising skills gained in the informal economy; policy coherence between human resource policies and other macropolicies to ensure better alignment of supply and demand; as well as improving the quality, delivery and relevance of skills to meet the needs of those currently in the informal economy.


Mathabhanga, June 19 4:PM

Tushinde Group is among of our YSLA group of VEMA Project implemented in partnership of SEDIT and Plan International Tz , Tushinde group has decided to extend the social responsibility to reach Mr. Juma’s family. Mr. Juma is a father of 13 children including 5 male and 8 female living in small house at Nyamagana. Mr. Juma engage in seasonal activities (masonry) gaining low income that cannot accommodate needs of all the family members. “My wife Mari grows green vegetable and does not generate enough income to take care of the family. Our life is so difficult financially that we’re unable to even take care of our two disabled son’s one with physical impairment and next with mental retardation. There are times we could not provide their needs such as food, wheel chair, scholastic materials, school and transport fees, physical exercises, and special care and so our children could not go to school or any street event. We had no one to support us till on July 2023 I received a ph