District VICOBA Associations

SEDIT facilitates the need based formation o the DVAs (District VICOBA Associations), they are formed by members; the members here are the VICOBA groups from the respective ward and there after getting registered at District Commissioner’s office or at the Ministry level. Members are the groups practicing the VICOBA model. This intended at avoiding confusions when agreeing important issues like nature of meetings and election of leaders etc. All constitutions state that the groups will qualify to join the association after the first two phases i.e. introductory phase and the intensive training, where necessary the group may be required to close one circle of operation for assurance on its stability.

A VICOBA group will qualify to be a member after getting assurance that such group follows a VICOBA methodology and its members have attended basic intensive training on group dynamics, banking and SPM. For ensuring sustainability, DVAs need to be formed through the following key principles; efficiency, Representativity, Subsidiary, ownership and neutrality.

Already 15 associations are formed and SEDIT is looking forward to form 25 more in the near future with funding from partners.