ILO‘s SIYB entrepreneurship programme

SEDIT is a partner to ILO in implementing the SIYB programme with Trainers and one Master Trainers. SIYB stands for Start and Improve Your Business. It is a small business management training program developed by the International Labor Organization (ILO). It is a material based, impact oriented, cost effective, need based and with international standards. It is a set of materials for training of entrepreneurs comprising Generate Your Business Idea (GYBI), Start Your Business (SIYB) and Improve Your Business (IYB) with two main objectives:

Immediate: To enable local public and private sector organizations involved in business development to effectively and independently implement SIYB training and related activities for potential and existing entrepreneurs and;

Developmental : To enable potential and existing entrepreneurs through SIYB partner organizations start viable businesses; increase profitability; generate quality employment contribute to economic growth and creation of more and better jobs