SEDIT VICOBA WEEK & TRADE FAIR is an annual event that aims to bring key stakeholders closer to their key clients exposing themselves to each other for mutual benefit. There are over 4000 SEDIT registered VICOBA groups each comprising of 30 members countrywide with an average saving of Tsh.15mil; who are involved in different social and economic activities. The SEDIT VICOBA WEEK & TRADE FAIR provides a platform that is meant to enable members to showcase their acts worldwide as well as get exposed to new technologies, new ideas and even be able to give back to the society through social responsibility with the major aim of celebrating the POVERTY ERADICATION MONTH. As you see from the program, this six day event is packed with unique activities and sessions that will feature leading educators, trainers, enterprises, government entities, private institutions and SMEs from around the country. We'll be welcoming individuals and entities from around the country for an unparalleled learning experience. This is a group of individuals who directly feel the effects of policies and laws being made. Their involvement in the nation will certainly bolster economic growth, internal tourism, industrial development as well better living standards through better housing, good health and also create a better understanding of the rights of everyone from the child to adults and thereby sensitizing on child rights, Gender Based Violence, Education and Female Genital Mutilation.